terça-feira, fevereiro 07, 2006

tupper sparks!

Para quem quiser, tiver tempo ou paciência, pode ler uma pequena longa história sobre a lenda tupperware, a pesquisa é infinita. Já a conheço de cor e salteado há anos e acho fascinante (no kidding)!

«What a time we would have if we had plenty of money... Of course if we could only become millionaires we would assume a very important air, we would travel extensively, talk of the wonderful paintings we had seen and visit "ye shop" and buy old broken spinning wheels, rag rugs, etc. What a life for sports. Midnight golf, go fox hunting, entertain the Prince of Wales, etc. We would go South with the smart set and spend plenty of time getting a nice tan. With money we would soften some picture producer's heart and get him to star us in a screen hit. We would be very attractive dressed in the latest Paris styles. We would have a wonderful romance and marry happily.»
Earl Tupper, o nosso herói

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